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Simple click tracker review  – What is it?
It is a plugin to be installed on your WordPress site. So you will track the clicks and opaque systems are interacting with your website I hear you. Puzzle to me, it is not simply a phugin track clicks and track the murky system as its name. Is really a system to track and monitor clicks shady systems. In addition it can do much more

Simple click tracker review

Simple click tracker review

After trying many tracking plugin link has a high price and encounter problems when using them, David Perdew decided to take the time to develop a simple tracking tools the click for yourself and ensure the following factors:
– Track link status
– Rotate Urls
– Cloak Urls
– Track conversions
Not stopping there, he wanted to have a better method not only has good functionality and affordable price, but also perform many more tasks to track the traffic in a way close to give the better advertising strategy.

Simple Click Tracker Information

• Producer: Paul Counts et al
• Product: Simple Click Tracker
• Publish day : 2016-06-09
• Publish Time: 09:00 EDT
• Front-End Price: $67
• Niche: WP Plugin

Other funtions:

-Manage multiple domains at once
-Build the Group link for a simple organization
-Split test management the easy way
-Build, track and measure the switch a channel
-Deep analysis on statistics of daily traffic, areas, groups and links
-Send daily links 404 error
-Redirect the link does not exist
-Add multiple users to manage each area
-Match all wordpress

Simple click tracker review
This is the official version, the tool is done by the team of David at the North American Menopause Society. This tool brings more value is a plugin. It is a tool to track the change of the link from which will help you understand the traffic to your website, through which you can grow your own business!
Currently at the North American Menopause Society has more than 4000 links together using this WP plugin. After years of testing and hundreds of customers using this tool, because the thing that Paul has decided to sell this plugin with a great price! You will be completely satisfied with the product! It is a true product of value and you will benefit a lot from it.
Paul count will continue to upgrade this plugin and you always want to bring more value to each of his clients

Simple click tracker review


“This is the best deal. So, should I have hold right now?”
You not only get access to tracking simple clicks with the best prices ever, you can also head absolutely no investment risk. Simple click tracking for your warranty within 30 days. When you choose to buy the product, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you do not feel satisfied with the item for any reason inside the initial 30 days, we will refund your money without questions. You have nothing to lose! What are you waiting for? Try to buy the product and receive gifts from us!

Simple click tracker review

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