Product Launch Formula 3.0 bonus (PDF only)

Announcing the Product Launch Formula 3.0 Bonus

You’re first priority is you ensure that you use our affiliate link to secure your package. This truly is like going to an exclusive prestige car dealership to buy a Lamborghini and finding out the day you choose to buy their giving away a Ferrari F50 with every Lamborghini purchase

When you buy through this Product launch Formula 3.0 affiliate link this FANTASTCIC Product Launch Formula 3.0 Bonus will be all yours.This Bonus is all about YOU being able to Seize the Opportunity to Move from the Buying Side of This Community, Too the Side that’s Launching the Products. Where You’re the One with the Giant List, You’re the Product Owner, YOU ARE THE GURU.

Second, this BONUS provides you the absolutely essential one on one personal and professional support you must have to smash throw the barriers and achieve it all. Here’s what you’re Getting with you’re Most Wanted Product Launch Formula 3.0 Bonus1. Six Months “SILVER” Access to the ALL NEW Exclusive Private Platinum Coaching Club…What this includes:

Product Launch Formula 3.0 bonus

(1st) Access to every product we create over the next six months, the first one on the way is our Covert Review to Riches digital training program.In this look over our shoulder exclusive training you’ll learn how to make walk away from your day job income by piggy backing off Guru Products. We will show you how to quickly and easily throw up blogs that rank on the first page of Google and siphon traffic off the back of the Guru’s list promotions and launch noise.This is one of the easiest strategies around when you know how to do it.The best thing is it works. This is a great way for you to free up your time so you can create your own products to launch and get into the big money. This course is killer.

(2nd) We’re going to let you in on the inner workings of our launch… Nobody does this. You’ll see exactly how we put our site together, how we get our copy writing done, how we recruit our affiliates and get them to promote, how we create the product, basically everything, we are not going to leave anything out, we’re giving you the whole farm.This is so important to prepare you for what comes next.

(3rd) We’re going to work with you one on one to walk you through your product launch. This is all access seriously, no joke, true all ACCESS.We believe in Jeff’s product so much and the benefit that it will have to your success, that we wanted to do the absolute biggest best thing we could do for you. The thing that would make buying this product the easiest thing you’ve ever done.So not only will you have seen everything we do to launch our product in Click bank and Pay Dot Com. You’ll be able to email us and ask any question you want about any stage of our launch,You’re going to be able to get on the phone with us for one full hour every week while you doing your launch and get unlimited email access to usYou’ll even have emergency 15 minute phone access to us to solve anything that comes up during your launch so that any unexpected left fielder that could throw your launch off track will be dealt with.This will all be carefully scheduled so that not to many of you are launching at the same time, this way we insure that we are available to you when you need us in any emergency and we can keep our finger’s right on the pulse of your launch. You will also get access to all our contacts that have taken YEARS to build this alone is MEGA VALUE For YOU….

Product Launch Formula 3.0 bonus

(4th) Every month you’ll hear from one of the industry’s top experts on everything from:* Recruiting Affiliates,* To Product Creation,* To List Building,* To Product Launches* To Paid Traffic,* To Free Traffic,* To Black Hat SEO,* To Copy Writing,* To Offer Creation* And So Much More.* You’ll receive the recordings and the transcriptsevery single month.* – The very first month you’re getting a very special call with none other than John Reese’s very own affiliate manager.* On the call with me, he goes through every single strategy he has ever used in Johns business to drive mega launches, even the very first million dollar launch in this community.His name will be kept SECRET for now but as soon as you come on board you’ll know it and not only will you know it but you’ll get the opportunity to work directly one on one with him too – THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY, currently only available here as far as I know!

Product Launch Formula 3.0 bonus

(5th) There is so much more you’ll get in this PRIVATE Coaching club.Things like:* How To Create Good Prelaunch Content,* Secrets Of Creating Professional Video,* What’s Working In Social Media,and the very very very special TOP SECRET get together when we pull apart guru launches and reverse engineer what’s happening in their launches in REAL TIME.* The triggers,* The prelaunch sequence,* The anticipation ploy’s,* The social proof strategy* The tactics being used* The arks in their plot.These are very valuable, EXTREMELY VALUABLE in fact.This is possibly the only chance you will ever have to get into this EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE COACHING CLUB off the back of a launch!After this if there are even places available the price will be going up to $297 a month for the “Silver” level that you are coming in at for Six Full Months.This has a Real World VALUE of: $1782.002. Custom Blog – Our people will build you a special SEO blog and install it on your domain so you can use it for your product launches, your list-building efforts, or even as a JV Blog for your launch… or pretty much anything else you’d like to use it for. This is an essential component to branding yourself and having it look professional is very important…3. Industrial Strength Ad-Serving Software – Our professional web developers and coders will install the very same ad-serving on your hosting that we and many of the biggest names in the business use to serve ads and trial offers to uncover which ones will get the most profit in no time at all.We will even work with you to help you get your first few offers set up, then once you’ve been going for a while you will have one certificate for a website critique that you can use to get a professional profit boosting opinion right at the time you’re ready.4. Custom Blog Header for your new Product launch Formula 3.0 Custom Blog- Our pro’s will custom design and install you’re custom header to your specifications to match your niche market product idea or to slip you into any niche by branding your name for your new blog.5. Opt-in Pages That Convert For Us As High As 50% – We’re giving you THREE of our most effective list building pages.We will then work with you in the coaching club to get these installed on your domain, help you get the traffic flowing to them and help you either get your launch under way or get you building your list so that when you are ready to do your launch you have a list ready to go…These bad-boys have been crash tested time and time again so you can be sure this will be your time to scope up piles of your target market right on to your list… and now they are yours.Perhaps even more important than getting these is; in the club during you’re six months ACCESS we will be teaching you not only how to build this whopping big list but more importantly how to forge a relationship with your list, so your customers, subscribers, markets grow to know, like and trust you. The most important aspect of any business….That’s pretty much it…The Most Wanted Product Launch Formula 3.0 Bonus Just make sure you use our affiliate link for Product launch Formula 3.0 and make sure I get credit for the sale and this Incredible Bonus is all YOURS.Here’s how to claim your Product Launch Formula 3.0

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